Welcome to Cosmology

Cosmology develops cutting-edge tools for the IBC ecosystem, empowering seamless interactions with Cosmos.

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Chain Registry

A unified store of chains info, assets, asset lists, and IBC channels for the Cosmos ecosystem.

Cosmos Kit

A wallet adapter for developers to build apps that quickly and easily interact with Cosmos blockchains and wallets.

Create Cosmos App

A tool helps users set up a modern Cosmos app by running one command.


A high-level programming language designed for writing smart contracts on the CosmWasm platform.

Interchain UI

A UI library for web3 apps.


OsmosJS makes it easy to compose and broadcast Osmosis and Cosmos messages, with all of the proto and amino encoding handled for you.


Starship makes it easy to build a universal interchain development environment in k8s.


A TypeScript Transpiler for Cosmos Protobufs.

TS Codegen

TS Codegen converts your CosmWasm smart contracts into dev-friendly TypeScript classes so you can focus on shipping code.