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CosmosKit is a wallet adapter for developers to build apps that quickly and easily interact with Cosmos blockchains and wallets.

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@cosmos-kit/core (opens in a new tab)

Core package of CosmosKit, including types, utils and base classes.

@cosmos-kit/react (opens in a new tab)

A wallet adapter for React with mobile WalletConnect support for the Cosmos ecosystem.

@cosmos-kit/react-lite (opens in a new tab)

A lighter version of @cosmos-kit/react without the default modal.

@cosmos-kit/ins (opens in a new tab)

Interchain Name System implementation

@cosmos-kit/walletconnect (opens in a new tab)

Wallet Connect V2 (opens in a new tab) support tools (usually used when integrating mobile wallets).


Wallets integrated in CosmosKit.

@cosmos-kit/example (opens in a new tab)

An example Next.js project integrating @cosmos-kit/react wallet adapter.

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