Cosmos Kit
Integrating Wallets
Adding All Wallets

How to Add All Wallets at Once

The cosmos-kit package exports all supported wallets in CosmosKit.

Add cosmos-kit

# npm
npm i cosmos-kit
# pnpm
pnpm i cosmos-kit
# yarn
yarn add cosmos-kit

Import the wallets

import { wallets } from "cosmos-kit";

Add to your provider

function MyCosmosApp({ Component, pageProps }: AppProps) {
  return (
        walletConnectOptions={...} // required if `wallets` contains mobile wallets
        <Component {...pageProps} />
export default MyCosmosApp;

Subset of wallets

import { wallets } from 'cosmos-kit'      // An array of mobile wallets
wallets.extension   // An array of extension wallets
wallets.for('keplr', 'cosmostation')            // [KeplrExtensionWallet, KeplrMobileWallet, CosmostationExtensionWallet, CosmostationMobileWallet]
wallets.for('keplr', 'cosmostation').mobile     // [KeplrMobileWallet, CosmostationMobileWallet]
wallets.for('keplr', 'cosmostation').extension  // [KeplrExtensionWallet, CosmostationExtensionWallet]
wallets.not('coin98', 'compass')                // wallets except Coin98 and Compass
wallets.keplr           // [KeplrExtensionWallet, KeplrMobileWallet]    // KeplrMobileWallet
wallets.keplr.extension // KeplrExtensionWallet