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Integrating Wallets
@ Vectis Wallet

How to Add Vectis Wallet to CosmosKit

There are two packages for vectis

  • @cosmos-kit/vectis
  • @cosmos-kit/vectis-extension

@cosmos-kit/vectis export all available vectis wallets (currently only extension available), while if you only want to add a particular one, choose @cosmos-kit/vectis-extension

Note: all these packages export wallets and it's an array of MainWalletBase

Take @cosmos-kit/vectis for example

add @cosmos-kit/vectis

yarn add @cosmos-kit/vectis

import the wallets

import { wallets as vectis } from "@cosmos-kit/vectis";

add to your provider

function MyCosmosApp({ Component, pageProps }: AppProps) {
  return (
        walletConnectOptions={...} // required if `wallets` contains mobile wallets
        <Component {...pageProps} />
export default MyCosmosApp;