Cosmos Kit
Integrating Wallets
@ Ledger

How to Add Ledger to CosmosKit


  1. Connect your Ledger device via an USB cable and unlock it.
  2. Open the Cosmos app in Ledger, which shows Cosmos Ready in the screen.

Browser Support

This package uses the WebUSB (opens in a new tab) API to connect to Ledger devices.
We recommend using the latest version of Chrome and Chrome Android.

Add @cosmos-kit/ledger

# npm
npm i @cosmos-kit/ledger
# pnpm
pnpm i @cosmos-kit/ledger
# yarn
yarn add @cosmos-kit/ledger

Import the wallets

import { wallets as ledger } from "@cosmos-kit/ledger";

Add to your provider

function MyCosmosApp({ Component, pageProps }: AppProps) {
  return (
        walletConnectOptions={...} // required if `wallets` contains mobile wallets
        <Component {...pageProps} />
export default MyCosmosApp;