Starship is a unified development environment that allows Cosmos developers to spin up a fully simulated mini-cosmos ecosystem and write end-to-end test cases

Go to the Official Project (opens in a new tab) (👷‍♀️in progress...).

Get Started

⚡️ How to use Starship? Follow the Steps 1 to 4 in Get Started section

Projects using Starship

Cosmos-sdk (opens in a new tab)

Cosmos-SDK is running Starship for testing out the latest simapp. Runs in CI/CD (opens in a new tab)

Mesh-Security (opens in a new tab)

For mesh-security development, Starship is being used to create a dev environment in a cloud cluster to run 2 chains and a relayer, setup mesh-security contracts between them, as well as spin up mesh-security frontend as well.

OsmoJS (opens in a new tab)

JS library using Starship to run end-to-end tests against Osmosis chain. (Run in CI/CD)

persistenceCore (opens in a new tab)

Persistence Core chain using Starship to test chain upgrades. (Run in CI/CD)


CosmJS based e2e testing (opens in a new tab)

Setup chain multiple chains, write e2e tests for governance, staking and osmosis specific txns. Run tests with JS using CosmJS. Run tests with Golang

Chain Upgrade E2E test (opens in a new tab)

Setup chain with cosmovisor setup with different chain version binaries. Run tests with Golang

Multi chain setup (opens in a new tab)

Multi chain setup with 3 chains, 2 relayers between the chain, explorer and registry